7kW Solar System UK: Price, How Much Does It Produce, How Big, and More

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A 7kW solar system can provide significant financial benefits for homeowners and businesses in the UK. Over its expected 25-year lifetime, the 7kw solar system cost is outweighed by savings, with an estimated £38,200 saved. This estimate is based on the current grid electricity cost of £0.34 per kWh (as of October 2022), translating to roughly £1,528 per year in savings. The 7kw solar system price in the UK can vary. Still, this estimate excludes inflation or rising electricity prices, which could increase savings if you invest in a 7kw solar PV system soon. The initial 7kw solar system cost in the UK includes the price of installation and VAT, making it a worthwhile investment despite the initial solar panels and battery cost.

01| Rising Electric Costs

For instance, the price of this utility has, for example, increased in the UK, and it has been known to grow at a higher rate than inflation rates, causing high electricity tariffs. Electricity has registered higher costs in the past, especially concerning its rise and, as such, the need to consider the solar energy solution. Buying electricity at a price higher than investing in a 7kW solar system and paying in installments is even worse, and the latter shields a person from future rises in electric charges.

02 | Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) replaces the older Feed-in Tariff scheme, allowing solar system owners to receive payments for excess energy generated but not used. You can expect up to 15p per kWh of electricity you export. A 7kW solar system with typical usage patterns could amount to approximately £535 per year in additional income, enhancing the overall return on investment.

03 | Electricity Savings

One of the primary motivations for installing a 7kW solar system is the direct savings on electricity bills. Homeowners can reduce their reliance on the grid and lower utility expenses using self-generated solar power during the day. With a properly sized 7 kW solar system, you can save around £993 annually by offsetting grid electricity consumption.

04 | 7kw Solar System Price

The initial investment for a 7kW solar system in the UK is approximately £9,000, including installation and VAT. While this upfront cost may seem substantial, the long-term savings and potential income from the Smart Export Guarantee make it a cost-effective solution. Financing options such as zero upfront costs can make solar energy more accessible.

05 | Solar Panel Requirements for a 7kW System

Contemporary solar panels are generally sized between 300W and 500W every. You will require between 14 and 26 of the individual panels to install a 7kW solar system. The number of panels will vary depending on the chosen panel’s efficiency and watt.

06 | Space Requirements for a 7kW Solar Array

Each solar panel covers approximately 1.6 square meters. Therefore, depending on the panel efficiency, a 7kW system will need between 23 and 42 square meters of roof space. More efficient panels require less space but may come at a higher cost.

07 | Energy Production of a 7kW Solar System

In the UK, a 7kW solar system can produce an average of 6,487.98 kWh annually, especially in the southern regions. Several factors influence this production rate, including shading, geographic location, roof orientation, tilt angle, and the efficiency of the system components.

08 | Considerations for Off-Grid 7kW Solar Systems

For anyone who is considering an off-grid solar power system, they should know the amount of battery storage that is necessary. An off-grid solution entails installing solar panels and is complemented by an adequate battery storage system in case of limited sunlight.

Purchasing a 7kW solar system in the UK has long-term financial benefits in terms of saving money, occasional income via SEG, and low electricity bills. The cost of energy has increased over the years, and the efficiency of solar technology has equally improved; therefore, the best time to switch is now. It helps the head of a household to make decisions that would be good for the pocket and the planet through a complete understanding of a 7kW solar system.

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